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Quantify body composition and beyond with automated segmentation. This technology is an ever-evolving system that assists in medical image based analyses by making it possible to accurately measure tissues at the patient or population level. 


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Standard Body Composition, Enhanced

Automatically quantify skeletal muscle, intramuscular, visceral and subcutaneus adipose tissue at standard L3 or at any slice in axial CTs and in phase dixon MRI.

Arms down scanning protocols often lead to subject exclusion, overestimation or manual intervention. Streamline data analysis with automatic arms exclusion. 

Organ segmentation
Liver spleen kidney segmentation
Analyze Changes in Major Organs,
Discover New Standards in Opportunistic Screening

Organ structures can be altered over time from lifestyle and nutrition changes to pharmacological interventions. Discover new patterns and methods with automated organ quantification.

Aortic calcification segmentation
Aorta volume and Aortic calcification segmentation
Follow Your Heart

Automatic epicardial and paracardial adipose tissue, aortic calcification, heart and aorta volumes. Get closer to the scientific truth behind cardiovascular diseases.

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Tie It All Together

Calling all scientific pioneers and leaders.

Be the first to discover new response patterns and set better standards in the age of digital medicine with the help of AI segmentation technology. 

Gather a cohort. Segment. Analyze. 

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