Providing a three-dimensional solution for a three-dimensional problem.

Coming January 2021.

Another ultra-efficient workflow now with even more powerful capabilities, DAFS version 3.0 allows you to visualize and extract patient body composition measures from your 3D CT images. Offering both volumetric and slice-by-slice tissue quantification at the click of a button, this novel software application has all the same powerful and user-friendly features of DAFS 2.0 and then some.

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What's New.

Automated 3D Segmentation and full volumetric analysis with ABACS 3D™.

Generate precise and high-quality automated segmentations of your 3D CT volumes in minutes.

Custom segmentation and vertebral annotation editing application.

3D Segmentation Editing Capabilities.

Easily edit the automated 3D segmentation output to ensure maximum precision. Our custom Segmenter™ module has been optimized for efficient analysis and an intuitive workflow so you can generate high-accuracy results in record time.

Automated Vertebral Annotator (AVA™).

Quickly select and extract individual slices from T1 to the sacrum for generation of slice-by-slice body composition metrics. Make any edits to the automated vertebral annotation output with our custom Annotator™ module.

Deployment solutions for you and your team.

Desktop solutions

DAFS Desktop solutions are ideal for personal or small- team use. 

Cloud computing solutions

DAFS Cloud computing solutions are ideal for large research teams, academic institutions, corporations, and hospitals with cloud computing infrastructure.

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