We develop high-quality medical image analysis solutions for hospitals, clinics, and research institutes around the world.
Voronoi Health Analytics is a digital health technology company providing high-quality medical image analysis solutions for hospitals, clinics and research centers globally. We are focused on providing powerful diagnostic and clinical support tools to researchers and clinicians to help improve the health of people around the world.


 All-in-one analysis.

  2D and 3D segmentation     for CT images in a complete end-to-end workflow.  

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Data Analysis Facilitation Suite our flagship software platform. It is jam packed with all of our latest automation technologies, including ABACS 3D and AVA artificial intelligence engines. This is the platform that fulfills the demands of complete, end-to-end medical image analysis research and will take you from DICOM data to 2D cross-sectional and 3D volumetric measurements in minutes.
ABACS Plus brings the power of ABACS 3D AI technology to users of SliceOmatic. Explore cross-sectional body composition measurements at any slice between T1 to the sacrum in a powerful, affordable add-on plugin solution for SliceOmatic. 

AI Technologies.

Three-dimensional skeletal muscle, bone, SAT, IMAT and VAT segmentation for body composition measurements.
DICOM annotation for easy measurement comparison at specific regions.