We develop high-quality medical image analysis solutions for hospitals, clinics, and research institutes around the world.
Voronoi Health Analytics is a digital health technology company providing high-quality medical image analysis solutions for hospitals, clinics and research centers globally. We are focused on providing powerful diagnostic and clinical support tools to researchers and clinicians to help improve the health of people around the world.

Our vision.

Empower clinical research and practice through automated medical image quantification.

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Data Analysis Facilitation Suite is the software platform that can house all of our AI engines, including ABACS, ABACS 3D and AVA. Automatically organize, anonymize your data and launch any AI Engine directly from DAFS.

AI Engines.

Three-dimensional skeletal muscle, bone, SAT and VAT segmentation for body composition measurements.
DICOM annotation for easy measurement comparison at specific regions.
 Skeletal muscle, SAT and VAT segmentation at L3 and T4 slices for body composition measurements.