DAFS™ was designed to provide a single, streamlined solution for medical imaging and body composition analysis projects. Simply designate an input and output folder and DAFS can organize and anonymize DICOM data, convert existing segmentation formats to a format recognizable for segmentation editing in 3D Slicer™, and generate highly-accurate quality control images and image-derived tissue statistics.


In addition, combining DAFS™ with ABACS™ opens up a new, ultra-efficient workflow possibility. Start with any set of L3 or T4 DICOM data and generate high-accuracy tissue statistics faster and more efficiently than ever. 

All this is done without compromising the integrity of your data.


User-friendly interface.

Simply select the tasks you want to perform and click RUN. Everything will be ready for you in your designated output directory.

Anonymize your data.

Configure DICOM Protected Health Information attributes to remove or preserve based on your study requirements.

Image-derived metrics and quality checking made easy.

Generate tissue statistics into a single .csv document and output quality check images for fast, efficient visual data inspection.

Desktop solutions
Cloud computing solutions

Deployment solutions for you and your team.

DAFS Desktop solutions are ideal available for personal or small team use. 

DAFS Cloud computing solutions are ideal available for large research teams, academic institutions, corporations, and hospitals with cloud computing infrastructure.